Some things to consider before starting a workout are the physical preparation before starting a workout and consuming enough fuel for the workout.


When physically preparing yourself for a workout you can consider the acronym RAMP. Which stands for:


Raise - raise/increase body temperature core temperature, and blood flow.

Activate - activate/engage the muscles that will be used in the exercise.

Mobilize - mobilize joints and muscles that will be used in the movement patterns of your workout.

Potentiate - potentiate your central nervous system so that it is ready for the workout.


An Example of a RAMP warm-up before a lower-body session would be:


Raise: Jog on the treadmill or engage in some monostructural cardio like rowing tell you to start sweating.


Activate: Consider doing some lunges, backward lunges, and squats to get the lower body muscle engaged. Some plank to fire up your core.


Mobilize: Consider doing some hip mobility like 90/90 hip transitions to increase mobility in the hip joints.


Potentiate: Do some jump squats or burpees to excite the central nervous system.


Also, remember to gradually increase the weight in your warm-up to your working sets before starting with the weight you intend to work with.


To prepare for a strength workout or even a cardio workout, it is optimal to ingest some food before you start so that you can fuel your workout and perform well. Ingesting a well-balanced meal 1-2 hours before a workout can provide enough energy so that you have optimal performance and provide you with amino acids that will later be used to regenerate your muscles.