Nowadays Carbohydrates get a bad reputation, but you need to know that eliminating carbs from your diet


1) will hinder your performance in training 


2) will interfere with your hormonal balance and will increase cortisol levels.


Carbohydrates are your main source of fuel when you are strength training, well, all training except for low-intensity long duration training. Since carbs provide the energy to fuel your workout, eliminating or taking very low amounts of carbs will hinder your training and you will not be able to push yourself enough during training to attain the proper stimulus for muscle growth or strength gains. You might have the strength or the capability for a workout but not consuming enough carbohydrates might cut your workout because you do not have enough energy.


A low intake of carbohydrates in your diet will increase cortisol levels, which in turn will decrease your metabolic rate, will make it harder to build muscle, and can lead to lower levels of testosterone/estrogen. Someone eliminating carbs from their diet because they want to lose weight might be the same reason they plateau or hinder their weight loss. Yes, in the beginning, you will see a big change in weight loss because when eliminating carbs from your diet your body will mobilize stored energy (glucose, carbs) to provide energy for your workout but that is temporary because there is a finite amount of glucose your body holds as stored energy.